Which diamonds are the rarest diamonds in the earth?

The fancy colored diamonds are the rare diamonds in the earth. Statistically, it is proved that the diamonds are with fancy colors are having huge demands than natural diamonds. Estimated 1% of the total rough diamonds excavated (around 8 million per year) are the fancy color diamonds in the world. Handfuls of mines in the world are mining these rare colored diamonds and comprise the source of 90% fancy colored diamonds. Some of the colored diamonds are so rare those are sold even these are getting processed in the diamond factories.

Yellow Diamonds:

Yellow diamonds are the most common colored diamonds found in the world. Due to its commonness, these are less costly. The demand for these colored diamonds is getting increases when celebrities are wearing them. In the case of yellow diamonds, while Paris Hilton was proposed with yellow diamonds the craze of buying yellow diamonds was increased. These diamonds are having a price of tens of thousands of US dollars and increased when it gets viral with celebrities.

Red Diamonds:

Red diamonds are the rarest diamonds ever found in the world. Most of the red diamonds are with some combination of purple or brown. There is no exact red diamonds ever found in the mines. We have the instances of these rare red diamonds ever in the world, those are sold at an extraordinary price-the Moussaieff Red and the other one is Hancock red diamonds. These are the most famous red diamonds ever mined on earth.

Blue Diamonds:

We all know that diamonds are found with natural colors, known as white diamonds. These are the exact form of crystals of the carbon molecules. But, when boron molecules are mixed with the carbons (Boron and Carbon are having same sized molecular structure), it forms the bluish diamonds on earth. These blue diamonds are also rare diamonds in the world. It is considered the second rarest diamonds in the world. Though there is confusion between pink and blue diamond which ought to be in the second position. We have two blue diamonds, naming, Wittelsbach Graff and Hope diamonds considered as the famous on the earth.

Pink Diamonds:

Pink is the colors, that are well-liked by the women. It is called “color of the heart” of every girl. Pink diamonds are found mostly in North-Western Australia’s Argyle mine in very few quantities. If the total extractions of the rough diamonds are one million only one percent pink diamonds are in salable quantity. There are pink diamonds found with color ranges from light pink, intense pink and vivid pink. These are also the rarest fancy color diamonds available at an extremely high price. The pink diamond, with perfect, flawless, and good gem quality will have a price of $1,000,000 per carat. Some popularly known pink diamonds are – Steinmetz Pink, Graff Pink, and the perfect pink.

Orange diamonds:

Orange diamonds have also come in the fancy color diamonds category. These are available mostly and diamond lovers know its color intensity and the tone which always looks perfect. These diamonds are available at less price, but people who know the diamonds well; they can have the perfect ideas about it. The Pumpkin Orange diamond is one of the most famous in the world.